Illumination Quality Audit of Lecture and Laboratory Rooms on Selected Buildings of ASIST Bangued Campus

Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology
Bangued, Abra, Philippines


Quality education has been a mandate of all Higher Education Institution in the country. The delivery of quality instruction in particular through provision of conducive classrooms and state-of-the art equipment had been their main concern. In this manner, the delivery of instruction is very crucial.  Most of the time, effective delivery of lessons happen in an ideally conducive classroom. And classroom in particular should be designed to be a good ambiance for learning. Several studies had shown that classroom ambiance had a significant effect on the academic performance of students. Classroom lighting in particular depicted an apparent effect on students’ performance. Often times, lighting is perceived as adequate though technically it is insufficient to cater the minimum illuminance requirement of a conducive classroom. The researcher opted to investigate the illuminance level of existing laboratory and lecture rooms in ASIST Bangued Campus. This study revealed that rooms being used are not compliant to illumination minimum quality standards and that they need to augment the lacking illuminance requirement in order to serve its purpose most effectively.


Lumen, Design, Illumination, Coefficient, Quality


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