Improving Practice Teaching Performance through Coaching Practices of Cooperating Teachers

MARIA REBECCA B. TALLEDO 0000-0002-5389-527X
Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology
Lagangilang, Abra, Philippines

Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology
Lagangilang, Abra, Philippines


This study aimed to determine the significant effect of coaching styles of cooperating teachers to the performance of practice teaching interns. It used descriptive and correlational methods of research.  The coaching styles of the cooperating teachers were described through indicators evaluated by the practice teaching interns.  On the same manner, the performances of the student teaching interns during the initial and final teaching were also analyzed.  There were 24 BSEd and 51 BEED practice teaching interns who served as the respondents of the study.  Furthermore, there were 19 high school teachers and 47 elementary school teachers who rendered their services in training the students to actual teaching. Two instruments were used in the study.  The first tool evaluated the coaching styles of their cooperating teachers while the second tool described the teaching performance of the interns. Mean, t-test and correlational analysis were used to treat the data gathered.

The results show that the coaching skills of the cooperating teachers were very satisfactory.  Furthermore, the interns have met minimum expectations of their teaching performance when they were just starting and they have exceeded maximum expectation when they have already been coached by their cooperating teachers.  Also, there is no significant difference between the coaching practices of the cooperating teachers.  Aside from that, there is a significant difference between the teaching performance of BSED and BEED interns before and after exposure to the coaching practices of the cooperating teachers. Lastly, there is significant relationship between the coaching practices of the cooperating teachers and the teaching performance of the interns. Thus, the coaching practices of cooperating teachers plays a vital role in improving practice teaching performance of the student teachers as they apply their internship knowledge and skills.


Coaching Styles, Cooperating Teachers, Teaching Performance


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