Evaluation on the Quality and Storability of Cement and Clay-Based Urea Molasses-Mineral Block (UMMB) for Ruminants

Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology
Lagangilang, Abra, Philippines


Giving a nutrient supplement to ruminants such as Urea Molasses Mineral Block (UMMB), especially in a season where sources of green forage are limited should be considered to give other nutrient supplements to animals specifically on ruminants. This study generally aims to evaluate the quality and storability between Cement and Clay-based Urea Molasses-Mineral Block (UMMB) to be used as nutrient supplements for ruminants. Statistically, there was a highly significant difference between clay and cement-based in terms of weight changes during drying time. In the nutrient composition between clay and cement, the Crude Protein, cement-based is slightly higher (32.63%) than Clay (31.55%). The crude protein for both clay and cement had surpassed the recommended requirement of 12-18% for Dairy Cattle, 11.0-13.0% required to supply adequate protein for maintenance and moderate growth performances in goats.  The recorded range is also higher than the minimum range of (7.00 to 8.00%) recommended for the efficient functioning of rumen microorganisms. Thus, whatever binding agent of either cement or clay is used at 15%, it is acceptable and has a significant nutrient content to serve its purpose as feed supplement to ruminants.


Urea Molasses-Mineral Block (UMMB), Ruminant, Clay, Nutrient supplement, Philippines


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